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A More Meaningful Valentine

by Jennifer A. Kelly

Posted on 2018-02-14

This particular holiday can conjure up so many emotions in different people. The forlorn, downcast, and unlucky-in-love seek to simply survive the barrage of pink and red candy hearts on every aisle of every store. The newly-attached enthusiastically draw on their creative juices to exhibit their significant feelings for their significant other. Personally, my favorite part of Valentine’s Day is seeing my daughters wake up to treats waiting for them at the breakfast table. We rarely eat breakfast together anymore, and...

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Why I Love Being Stuck In Traffic

by Jennifer A. Kelly

Posted on 2018-02-06

While most of the country is complaining about driving in dismal winter conditions, here in sunny Florida we encounter a totally different issue with winter driving: snowbirds. From October through April, the number of cars on the road increases by 20-30% due to the influx of winter residents- those individuals who migrate south for the winter to avoid the cold. Restaurants and local businesses love the extra business, but regular year-long residents find “season” to be nothing short of annoying. Getting a table for...

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