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How do you prepare for the unpreparable?

by Jennifer A. Kelly

Posted on 2018-09-17

Last week, we reflected on the 16th anniversary of 9/11, when our nation was thrown into turmoil and grief over senseless terrorist attacks on our own soil. Floridians also remembered the devastation, stress, and uncertainty we lived through just a year before when hit by Hurricane Irma, the...

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TIFF Ambassador Spotlight- Meme Signor

by Jennifer A. Kelly

Posted on 2018-08-28

One of the goals we have at TIFF is to show the need for everyone to register their emergency contact information, no matter where you live or what season of life you’re in. There is the potential for everyone to need this service somehow in their lives. This week, we spotlight Meme Signor, wife of 15 years and mother of...

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Ambassadors Spotlight - Lorna Pierce

by Jennifer A. Kelly

Posted on 2018-08-03

This week we’d like to introduce you to Lorna Pierce, a long-time supporter of TIFF’s Initiative. Lorna has worked with Christine since the formation of this not-for-profit in the capacity of bookkeeper, helping Christine get set up financially. She plays a vital role in the operations of TIFF, but Lorna is motivated by a much deeper purpose behind what she does.

When she met Christine, Lorna was volunteering at the Children’s Memorial Garden in Sarasota. You see, just like Christine, Lorna had lost a child in a car accident, too. She found ways to stay connected,...

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